Rule Rumour Book Book Audit Misery By Robert Caufield

Book Audit Misery By Robert Caufield

Like mature Hocus Pocus, grief is the wild supernatural ride you didn’t know you needed

If you are a Fan of the paranormal, The author Robert Caufield Delivers everything in mourning. It has witches, black Magic, Zombies and even a gargoyle. With barely a slow movement, this fast-paced fantasy novel will surprise you and hit you with something strange.

The fictional town of Ravensden, New England, holds a dark secret buried deep beneath its streets. People secretly disappear, leaving the remaining townspeople with serious questions about why and where they are.

Detective Roderick visits Ravensden to investigate the matter and meets with Mayor Edward Hawthorne for further investigation. Erika, the mayor’s niece, shows Roderick the side of the Ravensden, who are barely noticed in the mines of the city.

Local legends mentioned that two famous witch sisters, Camilla and Candace Hayes, had an epic action in the ancient Ravensden caves. Whether the past is true is shrouded in secret. Roderick is now in a race to discover the secrets of Ravensden before the monsters lurking below devour the entire city.

Grief is evidenced by a complex plot and complex characters. Each chapter presents a new character perspective, so that the reader can see through the eyes of Erika, the Hawthornes, the Rodericks or even the Candaces of the past. The more you read your prospects, the more expectations are shaken. Who doesn’t love a little twist?

Hawthorne, for example, is not a mayor with two good shoes from a sleepy New England town. This man hangs a lot of skeletons in his closet. Erika also has a dark side that she tries to hide from the public, including from Roderick. There are two sides of every grieving person, just like in real life.

The Magic in this world is enigmatic, on purpose. It’s good and secret that Caufield doesn’t reveal everything about it until the end. One thing is for sure, however, little good has come of it. Just ask the Hayes sisters. Of course, there may be immortality for anyone who exercises it, but at what cost?

Caufield makes a series of clever moves that prompt readers to go down the rabbit hole of a conspiracy. The first level is the solution of the riddle of the city. Other levels include the city witch hunt, monsters and evil Magic From overseas. The more I sank into grief, the more I appreciated it.

Grief is a great introduction to her world as the First book in the Iridescent Trilogy. You will be eager to know more about the recent books. I know I am. After this first one, you will never look at owls the same way again.

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