Rule Rumour Food Dark Pepper Pan-seared Noodles

Dark Pepper Pan-seared Noodles

I mean, why don’t we greet you with a big plate of this right in your face? WHY. No.

Guys, I know I say this a lot, but I really like this one. The noodles just talk to me. Something about all the twirling of the forks and the dipping of the sauces… it’s like we were made for each other.

This week I did a special grocery shopping at a local co-op for a little something different and exciting in my life. Party! I went there instead of my local grocery store partly because I wanted to buy trusted, local and good quality beef for a recipe that arrives in a few, but also if I’m honest, it was partly because our neighborhood grocery chain is changing to a new grocery chain and so it’s a total mess where there is pop in the produce section and the coconut milk shelves have been bare for months and it cracks me up.

When I was at the local co-op, I made a lot of new food friends (no, literally, I mean food that I would now consider a new hipster friend) and among them was a very important New noodle discovery: UDON.

In fact, I’ve been thinking about udon noodles for seven months, ever since I tried this insanely delicious udon noodle tempura shrimp bowl at an adorable little Japanese bistro in Minneapolis. If you live even remotely close to Minneapolis, you’ll have to check out this gem. It’s called Obento Ya. When you leave, Bjork and I will be sitting in the booth talking about things like the Bachelorette and WordPress plugins and Michael Scott, and eating our usual: vegetable tempura, miso soup, the summer roll and the sushi bento box. Hard to miss.

So, when I saw udon noodles staring at me in the tiny alley of the local cooperative, I wasted 0.0 seconds putting them in my cart and going home in a pot of boiling water. And things went well.

I am so in love with this recipe on so many levels.

It’s sneakily easy. 30 minutes, from start to finish.

Ingredients from the pantry. Mostly. The only exception is these udon noodles that I demand that you go get because they are so good. I’ve seen them at the co-op but also in regular grocery stores now that I’ve looked.

Tofu. This is a bit new for us, especially home-cooked tofu. But I got brave after this honey and ginger stir fry and now it’s a new thing that we love.

It will take things in your refrigerator that you avoid (carrots. mushrooms. broccoli. other foods that people avoid.) and turn them into an awesome tasting meal. You can also add meat if you have to. But please see #3.

It’s just pretty. If you do this, take a photo and tag me on Insty/Twitter, because I will feel an inappropriate joy to see your beautiful colored and textured food

We are now T-2 days until Bjork and I head to the taxi driver with my family for the best two weeks of the summer. Boating and sun and fresh air for days! This seems like a good time to tell you that I, uh, I’m wakeboarding. I know. It’s not really like me, but it’s the only cool and extreme sport that I’ve mastered. I do it ONCE a summer, even if I have to go early in the morning or on a very cold day, just to say that I can still do it. Proud a lot? And lest you get the wrong idea about me based on this extreme sports thing once a year, I always almost die when I jump into cold water, I have a paralyzing fear of the sunfish biting my toes, and I make my father drive the boat like 2 miles per hour (thumbs down! thumbs down! slower slower slower slower! Aaaaad!). Because if I fall? Ouch.

We basically spend the entire two weeks outdoors, except at night when we get together to watch TV series marathons. We started our first year at the cabin with the 24 show, but it quickly got out of hand in the same way that only 24 can get out of hand, and it got way too scary and powered for my younger siblings (read: me) so we quit.

Now I’m going to ask for your help: I’d love it if you could suggest me a show that we could become passion with while we’re at it. I love after nights, big bowls of popcorn and “one more episode!”atmosphere that we have when we are there. The difficult thing is that the show somehow has to be family-friendly, and sometimes family shows don’t have the same appeal that the intensely powered shows of the counterterrorism unit tend to have.

Super good news: I’m going to post while we’re at the cottage because-joy of all joys-I’m a blogger now so I can work from anywhere! SO dreamy! and the hut is one of my favorite places to cook and cook because there is always a crowd to enjoy the food with, so expect some yum.

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