Rule Rumour Food Hotdog And Yam Zucchini Lasagna

Hotdog And Yam Zucchini Lasagna

This sweet, creamy and spicy sweet potato lasagna with zucchini and vegetable sausages is the only dinner I am preparing for the rest of 2014. It’s simple, seriously delicious (who knew that the sweet potato sauce could inspire a certain food blogger to lick the inside of the blender while happily wandering around the small kitchen?), and comfort food while being healthy because somma that ZUCCHINI up there.

I’m just going to go ahead and call myself to post two zucchini recipes in a row this week. I know this. I’m almost going to apologize for this to you, my wonderful readers and, hopefully, zucchini lovers, except that these two recipes are my life right now and I seriously think you’re going to love them. Can we still be friends?

I’ve made this dish-o-joy twice – once in the peacefully quiet cabin for my family, and once at home for Bjork and I on the day the concrete guys were there to basically finish our messy jungle of a yard in preparation for laying a new, non-sagging, non-crooked sidewalk. Such a great idea, because nothing says an awesome lasagna cooking experience like a team of men taking over your sidewalk with jackhammers to the right. next. to. your kitchen window rattling as you tenderly layer slices of zucchini with a creamy sweet potato sauce and a spicy sausage.

I tried to get into a kind of lasagna-creating Zen mindset with lasagna meditation and soothing speech, and even though I could hear zero percent of my podcast, I kept turning up the volume and pretending that an ounce of sound was going into my brain. Which may not have helped the Zen state of mind, and may explain that the neighbors were peeking out the window with binoculars to see what was going on in the name of zucchini and sweet potato lasagna here.

Then we followed the demolished Courtyard and the Day of Constantly Ringing Ears by going to the annual national picnic/potluck/grill +mix party for our sweet little neighborhood Yum Sweet Home (which I couldn’t love more – thank you, neighbors, for being wonderful and just being warned that we might try to live here forever) and we proceeded to introduce ourselves to a few neighbors we hadn’t met. – > What house do you live in? Ohh, this one. I was wondering what all the fuss was about this afternoon.

Yes, that’s the one, friends. I think this is called a memorable first impression. Or something.

This little lasagna will give you the choice – > whole wheat lasagna noodles OR zucchini noodles. You can opt for light and healthy vegetables or fluffy carbohydrates or both! Either one works – I’ve done it both ways, and although the zucchini noodle-only version was initially a hot soup thanks to my HUNGRY DAUGHTER’s inability to let it sit and rest before slicing, when I returned to the pan a little after for thirds, I was happy to see that the slices held together enough that it actually counted as lasagna. * punch* That being said, whole wheat lasagna noodles will really make this thing hold up (besides being yum yum yum), so this would be your best bet if you need it to look more like a slice and less like a deliciously overwhelming creamy gooey cheese bomb on a plate.

No matter what you choose for your noodles, this thing is topped with spicy ancho pepper and cumin sausages, mild mozzarella cheese, fresh green onions and cilantro, and the most succulent sweet potato sauce. Hello, my beautiful.

So today, when they come back to pour the concrete, I will be ready to calmly watch, sitting at the window with a big slice of this wonder of Sausage Lasagna and Zucchini and Sweet Potatoes, savoring a nice bite at a time while dreaming of what our yard will be like when it is finished being an area of earth bombs. It won’t scare them away, I’m sure.

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