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Spaghetti Pie

I definitely resist the urge to add 27 more descriptors to the name of this recipe. Perfectly baked Spaghetti Pie // Sticky spaghetti pie with Marinara // Garlic Marinara spaghetti pie with vegetables sauteed in the pan and fresh herbs. It’s a issue. LET IT STOP. We just have to call this as it is –> Spaghetti (yummy yummy can’t get enough, I even like to eat it cold for breakfast) cake.

Ever since I started food blogging, I’ve had this terrible passion with naming recipes. It is almost impossible (today the rare proof that it is actually possible, because I started to wonder) for me to label my recipes with normal people-food-names. As if “chocolate chip cookies” – two words – would never be all right for me. It would have to be thick and fiddly double chocolate chip cookies. As if in my normal life I would say, Hey guys! Should I make another batch of the thick and fumbling double chocolate chip cookies? Annnd, as if I would usually ask someone to help me decide whether to make another batch of cookies or not.

I was originally inspired to do this when Björk took me to a brunch cooking class a few weekends ago on his romantically planned “Date Day”. Oh, so cute, right?

The cook blew me away when he told us that we would add boiled spaghetti to the egg-spinach frittata. I was so insanely hungry at that time, because if I go to a brunch cooking class and it starts at 10:30, I assume that I will be eating bacon and pastries and such cooking class stuff all morning, so tragically I skip breakfast, but then I realize that we actually have to cook the food (oh yes, cooking class) before we can eat it, and suddenly it’s lunch time and then I’m not only quite grumpy about my decision to skip breakfast, but I’m behaving like me a little weird too, because I’m totally tunnel vision-hungry. So when the egg-spinach-spaghetti-noodle frittata came out of the oven, I threw myself. It was so good that literally within 24 hours after the lesson I made my own version. My brain: more noodles, more noodles, more noodles.

This is not the chef’s recipe, because a) I accidentally left my recipe package on the table like a total dum-dum, b) I like to follow my own food paths instead of strictly adhering to recipes, and c) I didn’t want it to be as breakfast-like as the one from the cooking class. I wanted it to be like spaghetti for dinner, but as a cake. Spaghetti pie. Got it?
Spaghetti cake in a clear baking dish.

So today it’s just you and me and SPAGHETTI PIE with two words. That is all. Plain and simple, with good old tomato sauce in the jar – or homemade, if you’re the cool kid on the block making his own tomato sauce and who I want to be when I grow up – and creamy, melting cheese and sticky, dense pasta (pasta crust? no?), which will turn your preconceived notions of regular white McWhite spaghetti noodles upside down. Not that you couldn’t use whole wheat bread. I actually wanted to use whole wheat (avoiding refined sugar? yes, whole wheat), but all I had was this huge pack of white spaghetti noodles I bought at Costco when I was pretending I had a family of 17 people to feed. So we’re going to work our way through this package for a while and in the meantime get some whole wheat bread if that’s what’s waiting for you in the grocery department.

Even if it seems like it’s kind of boring (spaghetti noodles baked in a bowl, I know, I know, I know), what you need to know is that the name of the game here is texture. Ohhhh the sweet, satisfying feeling of cutting yourself a slice – not a bite, but literally a big, dense slice – of spaghetti noodles. It’s like when all the leftover mac and cheese noodles stick together and you eat these cheesy noodle lumps in a frenzied hurry, although you are not even in a hurry, because for some reason they are so much more satisfying that the individual noodles and they need to be eaten at intense top speed. No? Just me?

If you are in the mood for chewy, naughty, dense, velvety, thick, noodly, creamy and delicious textures, this is = you.

The super packaged, dense noodle base is made sticky and thick and creamy with ricotta, a few eggs and aromatic sauteed vegetables and herbs. Then it will be topped with sauce and cheese and herbs and even more cheese, because imma blog to hell with this thing and I must must must sprinkle small decorative foods on everything.

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