Rule Rumour Beauty The Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation Hs Here

The Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation Hs Here

jane iredale is 25 years old and we are celebrating a quarter of a century of skin makeup by launching a brand new foundation. That’s right, A NEW FOUNDATION! So, without further ado, discover the Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation, a clean and skin-friendly foundation with permanent coverage and many benefits.

Why Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation?

Over the years, we have heard all your recommendations on creating a matte liquid foundation. We knew you wanted this formula as badly as we did, and we wanted to make sure it was beyond perfect. So, Jane took her time. She has sourced the most innovative herbal ingredients. She tested iteration after iteration. And, finally, the results are here in 18 self-adjusting shades. Here’s what you need to know about Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation.

He is a multitasker

First of all, Beyond Matte is a 3-in-1 multitasking primer, concealer and foundation. This makes it perfect for us women on the go. You don’t have to worry about applying the base first because this foundation smooths the appearance of your skin. It is also buildable, so you can add extra coverage wherever you would normally wear a concealer.

You will be ready for Selfies

Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation has a photo-ready semi-matte finish. Your skin will appear smooth, shine-free and radiant. Do you know how some matte foundations make your skin look dull and lifeless? It’s not Beyond the Matte!

Clean Ingredients That Your Skin Will Love


We pride ourselves on creating clean beauty products, and this revolutionary formula is no different. First and foremost, it is cruelty-free (like all our products) and vegan. The formula includes a proprietary blend of Celery Seed Extract, Flaxseed Extract, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Celery seed and flaxseed extracts are combined to create an eco-friendly ingredient called PortTect™. This ingredient brings firmness, tone and density to your skin. It also helps to strengthen the structures that keep your pores tight. The peptides minimize the appearance of shine and promote a smooth, semi-matte and photo-ready finish. Hyaluronic acid and Tamarind Seed extract are combined to create an ingredient called Xilogel®. It improves your skin’s ability to improve its elasticity. It also smoothes and moisturizes your skin and reduces the appearance of micro-roughness.

True to You Shades


The Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation is available in 18 self-adjusting shades. This means that the formula really adapts to your individual skin tone!

The application is Easy

Since the Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation is 3 in 1, its application is easier than ever! Simply apply the foundation to your skin and blend it using the blending/Contour brush or your fingers.

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