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Wonderful Brushes For Cosmetics

There are so many makeup brushes that finding the right one can be very overwhelming. However, choosing the right brush is like finding a soul mate; you didn’t know what you were not found until you entered your life, and now you can’t imagine life without it. But with so many different brushes, how is a person supposed to know which one to take a risk on? Today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite makeup brushes and we’re going to go through some of the tips and tricks that hopefully will empower you to find your own favorite brushes and fall in love with them.

Before we start exploring brushes, here’s a rule of thumb: synthetic hairbrushes are for applying liquids and creams, while natural hairbrushes are for powders. Let me also anticipate that while many of the brushes I’m talking about today are made from natural animal hair, no animals were issue or finished in the making of these brushes.

In the first place is the deluxe shader: this brush is fantastic. It is a long, flat brush made of pony and ox hair and a fairly dense brush, which is nevertheless soft. It is fantastic for applying eye shadow to large areas of the eye. I use this brush daily to apply a base color to my entire eyelid and brow bone, followed by a medium color that is applied directly to my eyelid. When choosing a brush to use in this way, you want to make sure that it is dense enough to apply a good amount of product, but soft enough so that the color is not too intense.

My second favorite is the wrinkle brush. This brush is long and soft with a tapering end and is made of goat hair. I love this brush to get into the crease between the eyelid and brow bone. It magically seems to leave the perfect amount of shadow, not too dark and not too light. I also love this brush for blending. If you are looking for clean airbrush eyes, this is the kind of brush you want! Be sure to stick to something soft: too dense brushes leave too much paint.

If you like your wrinkle color deeper or more pronounced, the denser eye contour brush is also perfect for getting into this area between the eyelid and the brow bone. This brush is also great for highlighting the brow bone and inner eye with purely pressed eyeshadow colors such as bone and oyster. I use it daily for this purpose!

The Eye Shader Brush is a smaller version of the Deluxe Shader. It is short and dense, but soft and made of pony hair. This brush is great for smaller eyelids or for applying accent colors. I use this brush on the outer edge of my eyelid to leave a “splash of color” like purple or teal when I want to lighten a neutral palette of shadows. The size and shape of this brush make it a multi-purpose brush and a must-have in every cosmetic bag.

Last but not least for the eyes is the eyeliner / brow brush. This brush consists of a short, blunt, flat edge that is very firm. The bristles are synthetic, which means that they can be used perfectly wet. With this brush, you can apply powder to your lash line or brows. The opposite end has a sponge tip, which is perfect for blurring. My favorite way to use this brush is when I want to get creative with my eyeliner. I spray the bristles with moisturizing spray and gently press it into my chosen eyeshadow color. Then I gently press the brush into my lash line, inject and pick up more shadows as needed. The “liner” lasts all day and continues flawlessly!

Another brush that can be used for the same technique is the Angle Defining brush, which is the same type of brush at an angle instead of cutting straight. Or you can even use the detail brush, which is also great for lip liner and smudges! Both brushes contain synthetic fibers and are therefore perfect for wet applications.

Now that you have understood the basics for the best possible eyeshadow application, some of our resident beauty experts have spilled their favorite facial makeup brush hacks. Check out their tips below.

“To apply a cream concealer evenly, I like to use a flat, dense brush with medium to short bristles, like a foundation brush. Then I lightly mix the product with a slightly damp sponge to achieve an even coverage and a smooth finish

A brush with long bristles and a flat top like the Handi Brush is best suited for pressed powder mineral primers like PurePressed. Pat off excess and gently stroke over the face in straight lines, building up as needed. Avoid polishing minerals into the skin, as this can make the finish look soggy!”

“My favorite brush for liquid minerals is the Kabuki brush – it can be easily mixed. As soon as I have the desired coverage, I wipe off excess foundation on the brush and use it on the skin with circular motions to achieve a flawless finish.”

For a natural rosy glow that seems to come from the inside, I like to use InTouch Cream Blush. Using a dome brush, stroke the end of the brush back and forth over the cream product. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. The bristles of a dome brush are perfect for a diffuse look and will do all the mixing work for you.”

For an effortless contour, less is more. Always start by applying a small amount of your darker shade with an angled brush such as the Blending/Contour brush and blend it well. Then use a fan brush to spread your highlight tone for soft, glowing cheeks.”

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